South  Lowestoft Methodist Church
Loving God - Loving People 


     South Lowestoft Methodist Church


             Corner of Carlton Road and London Road South
                                 NR33 0DY
Loving God - Loving People










Our Annual Christmas Market
Total on the day  £1189  with more to be added
Many thanks to everyone who helped 

   Welcome to the Sunrise Coast

At South Lowestoft we are amongst the first people in the UK to
  greet each new day.
We invite you to explore our website and
  discover what happens in our church week by week.  
  We are just a group of ordinary people  who are on a journey
  to  learn more  about the  Christian Faith and to follow the teaching
  of Jesus Christ. You are  welcome to visit us for  Sunday worship
  and to join us for any meetings  or  special events. 
  Baptisms, weddings and funerals can be arranged with our minister.
  Please e-mail any questions or comments that you wish to share to: